The Bears beat the Packers 20-17 at Soldier Field tonight.  YAY!!  Sorta made up for a lousy day at work.  My next class is tomorrow night.  I did not have a chance to stretch out today, so I will have to do it in the morning, and then tomorrow after work before I leave the office.

Hopefully I will do better with the running and keeping my balance!  I am looking forward to it, yet still a little nervous.  I really want to do well!

Had this incredible tilapia dish from a Mexican/Guatemalan restaurant this evening.  Really a very tasty and hopefully healthy meal.  I think I am getting to be on a fish kick lately.  I suppose that’s a good thing.  Except for all the mercury.  BUT ya gotta live a little, ya know?

Dad’s b-day is tomorrow.  Gotta get him something.  And go to class.  And work.  I swear there isn’t enough time to get anything done anymore!

Ciao for now.