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Weekend Round-Up

All right, time to look back at the events of the week… the diet is going fairly well, although I did eat pasta last night.  I will have to keep that sort of thing in check, because I already take in too many carbs.  Tuesday saw me touring a great martial arts school and learning some basic moves.  Was sick Wednesday, but Thursday night I went to my first real class and had a BLAST.  Yesterday was all right… but I noticed that I could not stop thinking about martial arts, and that I could not wait to get back into class!

Today I have some errands to run, have to make some minor repairs on the car and do some shopping.  I need more vitamins and also have to pick up more flax seed and alpha lipoic acid.  Will also work on stretching, running, and building up the cardio, leg strength, and arm strength to prepare for Tuesday night.  Also have to learn how to tie my belt.  My uniform feels MUCH softer, thankfully!

Weight: 241.5

Total loss so far: 8.5 pounds.

I have not worked out my menu for the weekend yet, but I do believe there will be protein in my future.

Busy, busy weekend ahead.  YAY!!


Greatest. Movie. EVER.

Another gift from me to you.

Like a Greek god...

 I now pronounce every Friday to be Alberto Del Rio Day.  Or, Dia del Alberto Del Rio!

I feel like somebody beat the CRAP out of me.  But this is a good thing.  No MMA class tonight, but I’ll be doing laundry, and my man Alberto will be on Smackdown!  (tee hee… it is a guilty pleasure– GO ALBERTO!)  So as I am doing laundry, I will work on stretching and maybe take Mom’s dog for a walk (or run).  Then maybe I can talk my sister into helping me with punches and kicks.

Should be very interesting at work today.  I will probably have to load up on Ibuprofen so I can make it up and down the stairs.  But it is worth it because I feel like I am accomplishing something.

Okay, have to eat something, then jump in the shower.  Talk to ya later.

OMG.  Where to start…

Well, I went to class at 7:15.  There was one other newbie– a thirty-ish girl who was very nice.  Our instructor looks like Dashing Cody Rhodes lol. 

My way cool instructor looks like THIS

We started out by running– which has always been a problem for me, but now I know for sure that I have to work on that!  So I worked up a nice sweat, stunk up the uniform, and then we got into some basic maneuvers.  Jab, cross, snapkick… and I also learned that I need to work on my leg strength.  So I will most certainly work on that.

Another instructor came in, and we were joined by some guys– all yellow belts.  While they were working on some kind of ungodly calesthenics, Carol and I were concentrating on the proper stance, the proper pivot, the proper way to punch and kick.  It was FUN!  We then worked on some street fighting techniques– the slaps, the chops, etc.  Again, I had a BALL!

At the end of the night, my legs felt like rubber bands, but when they presented us with our white belts and our certificates, I was so darn proud!  I survived the first night!!  I am a white belt!  An infant on the road to maturity in the martial arts!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!

I can’t wait to start practicing and working on all the things I have to work on.  Most of all, I can’t wait to get back to class!!  I am going to become a black belt if it kills me!!!

But first, a shower.

And then bed.

Ciao for now!


First real martial arts class tonight.  If I survive, I earn my white belt.

Stay tuned…

Hottie of the Day

Young Russell Crowe

The weather changed here in Chicago.  Temps shot up to close to 90 yesterday, and the heat will continue through tomorrow.  So I turned the air conditioner on last night, and this morning woke up with a sinus migraine and sore throat.  Dust and I do not get along, hence the sinus problem and sore throat.  So I am taking the day off from work today to tend to my illness.  Ugh.

My next class is tomorrow night.  Right now I am thinking of nothing but going back to bed, but as I think about the challenges ahead of me, I am really looking forward to my next class!

Well, I probably really shouldn’t call it Day One, since I wasn’t in a real class.  Instead, I received my Gi and my very nice instructor Joe gave me sort of a one-on-one orientation to the facility and instruction on the basic stance, balance, punching and kicking maneuvers.

I admit that on the way there I started to get scared.  I mean, what was I thinking trying something like this??  Even as I changed into my Gi, I was asking myself over and over again that I really ought to think this through.  But then, once Joe started showing me around, I started to feel pumped up.  I found out I am pretty darn good on a stationary bag (thanks to the kajillion times or so I’ve watched Rocky, no doubt).  They have a full sized boxing ring, all the equipment you could possibly imagine, and everyone there was so pumped up!  There were little kids there who were already black belts!

You bow when you enter the academy, then you bow before you enter the training room.  Then you stand at ease until your instructor calls you to attention, so you snap to attention.  Then you learn your mantra– the discipline of being a martial artist– and repeat it aloud.  It’s all about balance and discipline so far.  Part of it is physical and part of it is mental.  I tried not to look at myself in the mirror because I think I look ridiculous in a Gi, but there really was no choice in the matter.  The bad thing was that I was sweating like a pig and Joe hadn’t turned on the fan…  I was losing electrolytes FAST.

After half an hour of learning the proper stance and learning the right way to throw jabs, I started to feel lightheaded.  My sister warned me about this– she told me to try to eat something more than fruit during the day, but did I listen??  Noooooo.  I tried to push myself through, but when the room started to get dark and spin a little, I had to ask Joe if I could sit for a minute.  I felt like such a loser, but Joe was awesome about it.  He totally understood, especially when I explained to him that I was dieting also.  Thankfully he turned the fan on, because I was dying!  After a couple of minutes, I felt MUCH better, and I was able to learn a combination jab, jab, counter, snap kick.  I have a lot to learn about technique, but it felt really good doing those things!!  And when I did it right, Joe made sure to tell me that I did a great job (when I did it wrong, he was also quick to correct me, which is awesome).

So I am signed up for two months, and I am pretty sure by that time I will know my way around.  Because I have sort of an obsessive personality, I can assure you that I will make it my business to learn everything I can possibly learn about martial arts and because I am a perfectionist, I will learn the right way to do things to the best of my ability. 

So I have two classes a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I will also try the yoga classes.  My next class is this Thursday.  It’s a real class this time, and at the end of the class, I will be awarded the white belt.  I will make sure I have enough fluids and calories in me so I don’t get lightheaded, and in the meantime, I am going to work on my stance and techniques.

This is so exciting!  Now that I’ve gotten past the hump of actually trying it, I know I want to go all the way for the black belt!  I have a rough road ahead of me– I have no doubt about that– but I look at this as a whole new chapter of my life, and it’s only just begun!

Ciao for now, and STAY AWESOME!

Happy Tuesday

One day closer to Friday!  To celebrate, I’ve got a little gift for all my friends out there…

You are welcome.